New Year, New Mindset

I haven’t posted anything for a while because things got really hectic and busy and I just flat out didn’t have time to come up with topics to blog about. I enjoyed some delicious food over the holidays with my family, because we know how to eat the right way when it comes to Christmas. There is no holding back when it comes to the food we make, we do the 7 fishes, and we pull out all the stops on Christmas day, so I had a little bit of everything. I wasn’t over indulgent, but I didn’t lose weight that week, I will say that much. Then, I took a trip out to Chicago after the holidays to visit my boyfriend and I had a really wonderful time. I enjoyed myself, I made the decision not to track or follow weight watchers while I was there, I had drinks, I just had a really good time without worrying about what I could eat and not eat. 



When I got back, I didn’t hesitate, and I faced the scale right away. I made the conscious decision to eat whatever I wanted, and I knew it wouldn’t be pretty, and I gained a bunch of weight so I knew what to expect. All I had to do was get right back on the horse and that is exactly what I did. That day I stayed for my meeting, I talked to my leaders and all the meeting who are regulars at my meeting, and made a plan for myself to stick to simple start for two weeks, and I feel so much better already. I have been following a list of weight watcher powerfoods and eating 7 weight watchers points a day outside of that a an “indulgence”. The point of the plan, for those who do not know, is to switch to simply filling. You do not have to track, and you eat until you are no longer hungry. My leader put it best when she said “Could you eat 5 chicken breasts if you wanted? yes. Would you want to? no.”

I don’t feel like I am deprived of anything because I don’t feel like I am hungry. When I am hungry, I feel like things are missing. I feel like I need things that I don’t need, like junk food and end up eating crap. With this I stick to that list and if i eat outside of it, it is very minimal and I track it in my WW app.

I decided to speed things up (1-2 pounds a week so not speeding up by much, but to at least LOSE) I am going to try something new when I work out. It’s been unbelievably cold, and I don’t feel well, so I have been slacking on Couch to 5k, but I’m going to stick to that and I am also going to try Crossfit on Saturday with my trainer and two other girls. I’m super excited because if I like it I think I am going to do that instead of going to my trainer. In the long run it would save me about 90 a month because I would end my gym membership, and I would stop paying for my trainer because we would train together at Crossfit. 

I am so motivated and I always say that but I feel incredible. I’m ready. Everything will be fine. 

Here is where you can find the list of the foods you can have:


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