Get Fit Jean Challenge and Crossfit

I have to get back on schedule when it comes to writing on here because I have lots of topics on my calendar that I missed writing about that were interesting, so I’m going to keep up with everything from now on. Especially since I have all these awesome things I can talk about now! 🙂

First order of business- last week was my first week back on track after Christmas and being in Chicago. I had an amazing time in Chicago, as I had mentioned, but since I had gone two weeks without watching I has gained some weight and got right back on track and I was very motivated to. Before, I would have just given up, but enjoying my two weeks was worth it, knowing I was going to go right back to it when I got home. I’m not going to give up this time.

Last week I decided to stick to the simple start list as I had planned on doing. I stuck to the list, but I will admit that I had some days where I snacked a little more than the allotted 7 points a day, but at the end of the week I lost 3 pounds and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. It was the motivation I needed to do it even better this week (maybe a little more strict, too :P).

It was a week of adjustment, being back at work with a new schedule, but I was able to be prepared with all my food and water and everything I needed and I think I did really well. With that being said, I also felt sick all week which was really annoying because I didn’t get to work out any day except for Monday. I was having issues with my asthma, and I couldn’t breathe, so I didn’t want to risk working out through it and pushing my body into getting pneumonia again. While I didn’t work out all week I did make the decision to try Crossfit on Satuday.

I was very excited, nervous, scared, intimidated, all of the above, but let me tell you…it was incredible. A few people have torn me a new one saying I’m drinking the kool aid and that it’s just a fad, which i hadn’t even realized, but it really is very empowering. I went to a gym fairly close to my house that my trainers friend told me about, so I actually went with them and another friend of mine. I think it is exactly what I was looking for, and I didn’t even realize I was looking for it. Something else I was nervous about was the element of people who would be there. I expected the LA Fitness people, as I like to call them…judgmental, rude, and generally unsupportive and unhelpful if you don’t look like one of their clones, and I got the exact oppostite. Was everyone who was teaching in good shape? Yeah, I won’t deny that. But everyone seemed super down to earth and ready to help and teach. I didn’t get the vibe that I was being judged. A comfortable environment to workout is important when you’re insecure, and I get self conscious about it, but I felt like this is a workout I could do even after my first work out.

This is the sort of workout that will help me set physical goals and help me take pressure off the scale and focus on inches and challenging my body’s limits and I love the idea of doing that. I look a picture of my first day of class and I’m going to take one every week. (Excuse the messy room, my life is in shambles.)

Also I am never wearing polka dots to crossfit again, I felt like such a little bitch (excuse my language, I don’t like cursing when I blog.) I need to feel like a badass, damnit! Okay, seriously, I don’t like to curse when I blog, but I think it was appropriate, right? Right.


Another thing I really liked about it is that there were no mirrors. I know this is something unbelievably stupid, but there is nothing I hate more than seeing myself workout in a mirror. I am almost 100% positive I look like a combination of Shrek and a raisin when I work out, so looking at that isn’t the prettiest thing in the world. Not seeing myself when I work out really helps me be more secure in what I am doing because it makes me focus less on what I look like and more on what I am doing. I also hate when men stare at themselves and admire their biceps while they lift. I don’t mean to make sure they have proper form, I mean literally falling in love with their biceps in the mirror. It irritates me. They almost seem like they’re five seconds away from kissing them.

Anyway, if you live in the south jersey area, check out Crossfit 41 South in Maple Shade.


Lastly, to go along with those non-scale goals, I am going to do a get fit jean challenge. I have multiple pairs of jeans that are a size smaller than the size I wear now that I can’t fit, but I also have this one particular pair that are two sizes smaller that I have been dying to wear for years. I haven’t worn them since high school. I am going to try the ones that are one size down first, and then once those fit and I can wear them comfortable move onto the holy grail of jeans that have followed me through 4 years of college up until now.

What I’m going to do, starting tonight is pick one of the pairs out of the ones that I have and take a picture in them and post it to see where I start, and then every week I will post a comparison picture to see how I’ve progressed and how they fit until I can wear them.

That will be the true test of how my body is changing. 🙂

Here’s to all these great things I have going on!


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