Weight Watcher Wednesday and Crossfit Day 2

I am feeling great so far this week with the exception of a few mood swings that I can just chalk up to the normal every day annoyances that everyone experiences. I’m also finding myself drinking an unusual amount of coffee and tea lately, but not for the caffeine. I think it’s the comfort of the act. It is cold out, it’s something warm, it’s a treat after school but it’s coffee with fat free milk and not a doughnut or chips. I’m sleeping normally, I’m not finding myself relying on it, so I think I am okay here.

It’s week two of simple start and I think I am doing as well as I did last week! A few times I have found myself offering to make dinner just to make sure that we have something that my dad and I can both eat and that we will all like, which no one minds really. I like to make dinner for my family…and just cook in general. Coming up with new things to have for dinner is something I enjoy because it makes it fun for everyone. Eating the same things over and over tends to get boring for everyone, and for a while I know I tend to make the same things repeatedly as well. 

I didn’t go grocery shopping this week, so I’ve been improvising. I used bagel thins instead of light english muffins, gluten free brown rice cereal instead of the shredded wheat, I had to pick my battles and just adjust accordingly, and I think I’ve done well. The bagel thins and the english muffins have the same calories and also the same WW points, so I’m going to say it’s okay when the rest of the things I am eating are straight off the list. 

My lunches have been pretty normal, vegetable soup, lentil soup, chicken sandwich with French’s honey mustard (my favorite low cal condiment), oatmeal, yogurt…all the stuff I enjoy. Dinners I tend to mix up as much as I possibly can. Tonight I am making chicken with diced tomatoes, spinach, and the oven baked fries I like to make (that are also so delicious). 

After this week, I could either continue with simple start or I could move onto simply filling, and I think I am going to switch to the simply filling because it gives me a little more freedom. With simple start, I have a strict 7 points a day, but with the other I have 49 points a week, so if I wanted to go out with a friend and go out to dinner, I could track that accordingly, and stick to the list the rest of the time. Clearly I could not possibly use all 49 in a week, but I went out to dinner on Saturday and I got a really great dinner and had a steak, a baked potato, and spaghetti squash, but sometimes you just feel like having an order of fries or a slice of pizza. You have the freedom of doing that with simply filling since you have 49 points a week. I have some time to make that decision, but only until Saturday. Either way, I like that I only have to write down what foods have points and what isn’t on the list. 

I haven’t posted any food pictures lately, maybe I’ll update that, because I think I have some. 

Now… onto my second Crossfit class. What I noticed about this workout is that I felt like I was doing a kind of workout that I was comfortable with. When I am doing cardio on a treadmill next to someone who is running faster than me, I don’t feel comfortable. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I hate running. I hate cardio in general. Not only do I not feel comfortable doing it, but I won’t do it, which is something that won’t make me successful in the long run.

We did a ton of things in our class, but the one thing that had me panic was burpees. 40 pounds ago I heard that word, and I said “I would never be able to do those”. But guess what? I did 3. But then I could feel my hands start to shake, my heart start to race, and the anxiety start to creep in. Everything around me just stopped. YAY I did 3 burpees. Holy shit, I have to include them in the rest of the set. Elyse, who was training us, got on the ground with me, and helped me modify the movement since my brain clearly wasn’t functioning properly in the moment, and finished the burpees with me. 

Someone who could probably do the whole set 10 times faster than me did what I was calling “bitch burpees” with me just to make sure I go through the set, while the guy next to me trucked right on through even though he seemed to be struggling as well, and that helped me keep going. I was going to make those bitch burpees as comfortable for my level as possible, but still difficult, and work as hard as I could as long as the guy in my class was still going. Last night I did 3 real burpees, and maybe next time I will do four. 

I did, however, learn a few things. 

  • using my nebulizing beforehand is a MUST. I’m not sure if it was from the workout or the anxiety, but I was wheezing after. I’m thinking it was the anxiety because it didn’t happen saturday, but just in case…nebulizer.
  • half gatorade half water the day of workouts. I woke up the next day both times feeling like I was hungover.
  • Motrin right after class before I got to bed. Worked well today, wasn’t as sore. I feel really great today, and where I am sore, it is a good sore.

I’m sure I will learn more as I go, but that is all for now 🙂

hope everyone is having a good week, happy hump day!


6 thoughts on “Weight Watcher Wednesday and Crossfit Day 2

  1. I think you’ll like having the 49 points to play with for the week and the flexibility that the pluspoints program offers. Power foods will always be the staple, but we also need to live. Oh, and I agree with you about the 49 points. Very hard to use them all in a week, unless you are going to a wedding, party or its thanksgiving. I find it hard to use up my regular daily points at times. Good luck with the program. It really does work.

    • thanks so much for your feedback! i think it will be nice to have a bit of flexibility! if it’s too much freedom i can always just do 7 points a day, but i can always have a 7 a day personal rule, and 49 in case i go somewhere 🙂 love your blog,by the way!

      • Glad you like the blog. I’m enjoying yours too…especially the photos! For the 49, sounds like you have a good plan. What’s nice about the program is you still loose weight even if you tap into the 49.

      • i like adding photos, it tends to break things up a bit. i started this blog because i have a lot of thoughts and it’s an easy way to get them out without talking too much to someone who isn’t interested. the people who read it choose to! 🙂

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