Wall balls at crossfit tonight!

Tonight’s crossfit class was hard, but I couldn’t have been more proud. I had a terrible day, I came home from work screaming and crying and letting out every emotion I was holding in during the day, but I still pulled myself together and made it to the gym, and I am glad I did. It turned my mood around. We learned some new things and I felt really good about them. I don’t pick the moves up THAT quickly, but quickly for me, which is great. We also were introduced to wall balls. You squat down, push the ball up so it hits somewhere on the grey line (I was close guys), and then use the momentum from catching it to squat back down and then keep going. It was painful but I was able to do them. That is a good thing in itself. We also talked about step ups onto a 20 inch box and jumping onto steppers, I’ll call them. I don’t really know how to explain what they were.

We did a 10 minute set after that where we had to do 3 wall balls and then 6 jumps onto the stepper. I normally avoid jumping on the ground or onto anything at all costs because I hate jumping. it’s so physically uncomfortably for me, it’s also physically challenging. I got into a good rhythm and I did 12 sets in 10 minutes and I left that gym in a completely different mood than I walked in.

Thank you for the work out, Crossfit 41 South! Click the photo for the website!


Wall balls at crossfit tonight!

8 thoughts on “Wall balls at crossfit tonight!

    • and i don’t like running! haha i’m really enjoying crossfit. i was nervous about it because when you look up videos online it’s all people who are in super great shape and i’ve lost about 40 pounds but i still have about 30-40 more to go. but i am in my beginner classes and pushing myself to my limit! crossfit is all about your own personal limits. your hard may be someone else’s easy and that’s okay. you work at your own level. i just keep remember everything will get easy and i can only keep improving from where i am now šŸ™‚ i encourage you to try a class! you’ll surprise yourself!

  1. Hey! I just found your blog, and I’m so glad I did. I just started my weight loss journey in the beginning of January, and I just thought of recording that journey on my blog. I decided to look around for some other blogs that I could read to motivate me, and I have to say, yours is definitely one! Keep it up and good luck!

    • thanks so much! i’ll follow along with your blog so i can see how your progress goes as well! i hope my blog can give you some good tips and ideas and i’m glad you like what i post. have a good day!

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