Get Fit Jean Challenge-Week 1

Since I lost 4 pounds this week, I was hoping that there would be some progress with the jeans. Last week, I could get them completely up, but they weren’t even close to zippering. You can see under my sweatshirt the flap is still open, and it’s basically a hot, hot mess. I pulled as hard as I could and I sucked it in but there was no hope for me there.

Today, I put them on and I could zip them to a little less than half way! Yay! 😀

For one week, and not being able to zip them at all, I think that is pretty great! I don’t have a time limit or a date for this, it’s just until they fit, which puts much less pressure on me. I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing something like this before, but I really like it now. A little bit of progress every week are steps towards the bigger ultimate goal at the end of all this. Baby steps and taking it one day at a time.

I didn’t get to go to Crossfit this saturday because my shoulders were shot, and I felt going would do more harm than good, especially since I am just starting. I didn’t want to risk hurting myself and then not being able to go at all, so last week I went 3 times, and this week I will aim for another 3 and I will just keep moving forward as I have been!

I’m happy I finally found something that seems like it will be my key to success. Here’s to another week!


Get Fit Jean Challenge-Week 1

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