A Little Motivation for your Day



I have things in my life that just generally make it worth living. I have learned the importance of having a hobby in the past few years, and having something that is just for you. Something no one can take away. You need to have an outlet in order to survive or else you will have no way to release anything. I’ve found some that work for me. 

What are things that you stay close to?



I never thought I couldn’t do things, but I’ve never been able to really muster up the motivation to get them started. Whether it was weight loss, school, theater….really anything I do in life. As soon as I have the mindset “I can do this”, I my brain says finally, we can get moving, and I become successful. Any time I am not successful, I have learned it was because I have been so hard on myself to the point where I had convinced myself that there were things that I could not do, when that just wasn’t the case. Now I find myself saying out loud “Stay positive, you can do this”, and it helps. When I have a positive mindset, I achieve much more. Thinking I can do some of the things I want to do may sounds crazy, but I am still going to do them. 



  • For my health
  • For the people who have told me I can’t
  • To fit in the clothes
  • For the people who told me I would never get the part
  • For the doctor’s who told me I wouldn’t have anymore problems if I did
  • To be strong
  • To shop anywhere I want
  • Prove to myself I can do it

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