I’m having one of those weeks where no matter how much I stay focused, how hard I work out,  and how clean I eat, I still feel disgusting…so I’m not so sure how tomorrow morning’s weigh in is going to go. 

I’ve had 3 big weeks in a row so I am a little nervous, but still hoping for the best. Send positive vibes!


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  1. Good luck! Just keep in mind that your body will eventually get into a groove and will settle into losing up to 2 pounds a week. Don’t be disappointed in any loss no matter how small and always keep in mind that the scale doesn’t tell the whole story. There were times I went up on the scale but still lost a 1/2 inch on my thighs. Weight loss is never a straight downward line on a chart. You’ll have ups and downs — but mostly downs and eventually goal if you are patient and persistent. Best of luck today!

    • thanks! i’m hoping i lose something! i put in the time and work so we will see. my body just isn’t feeling as great as it was the past few weeks. if i lost .2 i’d be ecstatic even! haha something is better than nothing. we will see!

  2. Good luck! Feeling that way is so relatable…even when I’m doing good, healthy things, I can’t help sometimes feeling like crap about myself. Sometimes It’s hard to deal with the fact that this process is so slow. But keep it up 🙂

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