Daily Tip 6: Watching the Scale Could Be the Reason You Don’t See that Number Go Down

What Matters Nutrition

Do you step on the scale every morning with the hope of results that never seem to come fast enough? Do you get frustrated? I bet it ruined your day when you gained weight even when you did almost everything right. You probably know it’s wrong to let this affect your mood so much, but you can’t help it. You worked so hard and still went in the wrong direction. It’s probably just water weight, but it still hurts. I’ve been there.

This can be so discouraging! But there is a simple solution to this problem that you have probably already thought of while you were reading this – you need to step off the scale! Now this doesn’t mean you never weigh in again. You should still weigh in every week or two to make sure you are on the right track and see if adjustments need to be…

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