What Matters Nutrition

You only use a few spoonfuls at a time, so can condiments really be doing a lot of harm to your weight loss efforts? Condiments can bring a lot of flavor to your food, but if you were to read the food label you would see that many of them could be contributing to that number on the scale.  Let me tell you what condiments may be doing you damage. 

  1. Oils (120 Calories/tbsp.)
  2. Butter (100 Calories/tbsp.)
  3. Mayonnaise (90-100 Calories/tbsp.)
  4. Creamy Salad Dressings (60-80 Calories/tbsp.)
  5. Italian and Low-fat Creamy Dressings, Low-fat Mayo (35-50 Calories/tbsp.)
  6. Cheeses (80-120 Calories/oz)
  7. Jelly (50-60 Calories/tbsp.)
  8. Sour cream (20-30 Calories/tbsp.)
  9. BBQ (20-30 Calories/tbsp.)
  10. Ketchup (20 Calories/tbsp.)

As you can see, these condiments can add a lot of Calories to your foods. These are the calories per tablespoon  and  most of us don’t stop at one tablespoon! Most of these condiments do this without filling you up or…

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Daily Tip 7: Are You Picking Smart Condiments and Extras?

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