Valentines Day came Early in my House!

Today was crazy and long, but I got a little bit of relief when I got my Valentines day present from Parker in the mail! I was so busy all day so I wasn’t able to really open it up and check everything out until the end of the day and until rehearsal was over.

Opening that box was the nicest, calmest part of my day today. Usually I worry because I think Park gets super stressed when he picks out presents for me, and I think picking out presents for each other should be a fun process! I think this present really reflected Parker and who he is and it was one of the best presents he’s sent me.

It started with a little book that said “What I Love About Jaclyn, By Parker”. Inside it had little pre-written sentences that he got to fill in like “You are my favorite…”, “My favorite place to go with you is…”, and he put in all different little inside jokes and favorite moments from over the past 3 years. It was a really great little book and it made me happy to read. Those reminders were nice for me to have right about now.Image

On top of that, he got me two new charms for my Pandora bracelet. I’ve been obsessing over the Kate Spade Beau Bag so he got me a little charm that was a handbag that has a bow on it which I thought was really great. He also got me an airplane charm for obvious reasons….the constant traveling from NJ to IL to NJ to IL. Planes are vital to our relationship. 🙂


The best part of the present, as far as I am concerned, was the clothes that he sent me. I told him some things I liked from Old Navy and he ended up sending them to me with my Valentine’s Day presents. He ordered everything a size smaller than what I have been normally wearing, because I think he has a little more faith in me than I have in myself. Anyway….he sent me a really pretty dress, a sweater, and a complete workout outfit. The workout shirt was beyond perfect, because it says Mind over Matter, and it is certainly applicable to all of my crossfit workouts. On top of that he sent me a picture of a shirt he ordered me that says “Drop it like a squat”.

I was nervous to try the stuff on because the sizes were smaller than what I normally wear, but the things he sent look amazing, and they fit well too.ImageI’m so thankful for him recognizing my goals and the things I’m trying to achieve and helping me to achieve them. The gesture of him buying me workout clothes may seem small but to me it means he listens, he knows my goals, he knows what I am trying to achieve, and he knows what I want to be doing. Essentially, the way to my heart is by buying me workout clothes, and especially clothes that are a size smaller……clothes that are a size smaller that actually fit. Things like this are huge to me and to know I have his support even if it’s just the smallest text asking about a workout or buying me workout clothes shows me that he supports me. As much as I would love to get chocolate or candy, a good pair of work out compression pants are much better in my book nowadays. 🙂

My priorities have changed so much over the past few years and right now I am just on the roady to being healthy, whatever that means. Eating properly, getting stronger and working out harder, and challenging myself mentally. Things have been going in the right direction for me personally (professionally, that’s another story…).

Thank you, Parker, for the presents and being supportive. Best presents you’ve sent me yet.


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