Quick blog post to update about recent events.

I have been having an internal struggle about whether or not I could continue doing crossfit. As much as I REALLY love it, I don’t think I am mentally (or physically) prepared for that type of working out at this stage in my life. I do not like seeing workouts that I know I cannot do on the list for the day, so I just don’t go all together. That isn’t the right state of mind I want to have when it comes to my work out routine. In the beginning, I felt empowered. But the more into it I get, the more difficult workouts get and it’s just not good for the place I am in right now. I need my workouts to make me feel like I have accomplished something positive. it’s easy to say just don’t compare yourself to other people and do what you can but it’s hard when you’re the only one in the place who can’t handle it.  

On top of that, my financial situation doesn’t seem to really allow me to be able to pay for crossfit right now, especially since I am not utilizing it as much as I should be for as much as it is. With my limited available free time that I could go, it seems that those are the times the workouts are the hardest. The best decision for me right now is to step back. (Now if only I could get my money back for the month since I only paid half…)

With that being said, I decided to go back to doing things on my own. Self motivation was working really well for my before I started going to CF, so there is no reason why I couldn’t continue that again. Bonnie, who I know from doing theater in college, introduced me to the idea of Team Beachbody. I watched a video of one of the plans and it seemed like something that was doable for me on my own time. 

With that being said- hello 21 day fix.

If anyone is on TBB come find me!



One thought on “Quick blog post to update about recent events.

  1. Good for you. I found the best exercise was 1. something I love doing and 2. it was right for me given my strength/energy/conditioning at the time. If i tried a spin class 2 years ago, I would have hated it and never tried it again. I started off with walking and yoga DVDs. Now I do yoga classes, spin and weight lifting along with running. Try different things to see what works best with your schedule and fitness level.

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