Workout Clothing Options.

When it comes to work out clothes, I am pretty picky. But the one thing that I do keep consistent is the fact that whatever I wear when I workout, I have to feel cute in. No joke. If I feel like I look amazing in my workout clothes, I’m more likely to have a great workout because I feel confident from the start. 

My go-to workout clothing store is Old Navy. They have plenty of size options, and a bunch of cool prints to choose from if you get to them during a sale! The clothes are so comfortable and definitely worth the money. Compared to a lot of other workout clothing stores, these are always perfectly priced, and on top of that, there is always some kind of sale going on!



The one thing that does bother me is that it is very hard to actually find workout clothes for someone who is plus size (I hate saying that but it’s the only term I can think of right now…) It makes me upset that all these amazing workout clothes are available, but nothing I can fit into. Big companies would probably make a killing expanding their sizes a bit. Especially for people who want to lose weight. We all need to start somewhere, and when it’s hard to find workout clothes, it’s hard to reach the goals you want to. 

Like I said, everyone starts somewhere, and having workout clothes that fit a wider range of people and sizes so we can get to where we want to be. 


5 thoughts on “Workout Clothing Options.

  1. Old Navy is a great, affordable place for workout gear. But you are in my head. I was going to write something about stores not having any selection (or very small) of plus size clothes. It’s so frustrating.

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