21 day fix challenge pack sale was extended for the weekend! You can save 20 dollars on all of these things. Shakeology by itself costs $130, but when you buy all this for only $10 bucks more…how could you say no? I’m waiting for mine to come in and I am SO excited! This absolutely is worth the money. I was doing the crossfit thing but honestly, i could not keep up with it financially and it was way too much for me to handle. I was introduced to this program by someone who I went to college with and i’m super excited!!! She is now my coach and I now I am lucky enough to be able to invite people to the challenge with me!

I’ve been chosen to be an “apprentice coach” under my coach’s leadership, and I can invite some people to do the challenge group with me! pre-season starts on march 15, the real challenge starts march 22. if you think this is something you would be interested in, please message me your email address, comment, like this, anything and i will get you the information you need to get involved!!

I’m starting my challenge next week and i cannot wait!! for someone who doesn’t have a gym membership or works out at home, i really think this is worth every penny. i was paying $150 a month for crossfit, but purchasing this program saved me SO much money.

Below is a link to my team beachbody page, and i hope some of your commit to this with us!


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