I’m SUPER excited right now. I’ve changed my life quite a bit when it comes to my health. I have been documenting my journey on here for a while now so I am sure people understand what I am going through. I’ve lost half of the weight that I want to, and I’ve hit a point where I am looking for something more for myself. Not only that, but something I can share with other people as well for the support and motivation to work as a group!! 

thanks to a friend, I was able to find out more about Team Beachbody and how the program can get me to my current goals. Right now I am looking for people who are willing to join me in a 30 DAY CHALLENGE starting on March 10th to make a change!!! If you’re motivated and interested in pushing through this with me, message me and I’d be happy to send you the details. only 9 days left!

Personally, I am waiting for my own 21 day fix challenge pack to come and i cannot wait!

To sign up for TBB and also purchase a challenge pack that is best for you, click the link, sign yourself up, and put me down as your coach! Make sure you let me know when you do!! 🙂

-Jaclyn Biancaniello



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    • i think yesterday was the last day to join this next challenge, but you’re always welcome to purchase a challenge pack and join the next one! if you’d like some more info send me an email jac5290@gmail.com and i’ll send you everything you need to know!

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