My Simple Start Foods

I’ve had people repeatedly ask me what I eat on simple start and what I’m allowed to eat. I’m going to post pictures of the food that I have been eating while I have been on simple start. I try to follow as much as possible, but we all have days where we just lose our way. I’m back on track with everything and I am now compiling a list to not only remind myself, but to help others with food ideas.

spinach salad with strawberries, boca burger, oven baked fries. Image

broccoli slaw with light ranch, light multi grain english muffin, boca burgerImage

baked potato, 93% fat free ground beef and bean chili, low fat cheeseImage

cinnamon harvest kashi, g100 cal vanilla greek yoplait, light english muffin, clementineImage

fiber one cereal, light hamburger bun, smart balance, eggsImage

brown rice and steak lettuce wraps with red pepper jellyImage

english muffin pizzas


garlic spinach and chicken


baked potato and salsa, sugar snap peas, filet mignonImage


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