Weight Watcher Wednesday-Gluten Free

When it comes to food this week, I have had some SERIOUS stomach issues. I’m not sure exactly what is going on, but I’ve had a constant stomach ache and nothing seems to sit right with me. I think I have been a little too lenient with what I am letting myself eat and I really need to crack down and go back to eating gluten free. I lost more weight and I also has less issues with my stomach and reflux when I ate that way and now I just kind of let myself deal with it but enough is enough, I can’t handle it anymore. 

If I am going to eat bread at all, I need to make sure it is gluten free…regardless or the extra calories. I need to prepare, stay away from anything with gluten, and just be much more strict about the way I eat from now on. It’s not even about weight loss as much as it is about how I feel on a day to day basis. On top of that, since I have PCOS, and I have been reading on a few different sites that gluten and PCOS do not mix well together, so it’s something I should be staying away from anyway. 

I have been tested before for the wheat and gluten allergy, but it came back negative but I for sure have some sort of intolerance when it comes to it. I really thought I was okay when it came to certain types of bread like the light hamburger buns and and multigrain english muffins but I really need to be much more careful from now on and just say no. Stay AWAY from it!!! 

I know I will feel so much more energized, less bloated, and just generally better if I eliminate things with gluten from my diet. 

Next time I go grocery shopping, I am going to add the following thing to my grocery list to make sure that I have a variety of gluten free options at my disposal for every meal and snack. 

  • Chex variety cereals (that I usually have on hand anyway)- my favorite is the apple cinnamon
  • Udi’s multigrain bread
  • Glutino pretzel twists for a snack
  • Tostitos tortilla chips and the things I need to make my favorite homemade Hungry Girl guac (click through for the link, however, I do alter it a little to how I like it)

I have eaten strictly gluten free before, I know I can go back to it again. I felt so much better doing it too so I am looking forward to that much.


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