I’ve been learning to appreciate the noticeable changes in my legs lately.

I used to always think that I had huge legs, and make excuses and say they were just muscular because I swam, dove, and played field hockey all the years I did. But when it came down to it, while they were very muscular….they were also just generally large. I had a serious case of thunder thighs and there was no way of spinning it. I’m not, by any means, diminishing the fact that I do have muscle, but I’m also being honest with myself that for a while I really let myself go.

The past year and a half I have been noticing little things about my body, but the last 3 weeks I’ve noticed more than ever before. The other day I noticed the definition in my biceps, I’ve noticed more definition in my shins and calves, and today I noticed how much thinner my legs have gotten and how much less they touch when I stand and walk.

Those are the changes worth noticing!

Sometimes it’s not completely about the numbers on the scale. Those numbers can really dull my shine some weeks and even ruin my spirit to the point where I don’t have the motivation to keep going all because the scale said I gained a half of a pound. That isn’t how things should be. I need to keep my eye on those little things that I’ve noticed this week. I didn’t get weighed last week not because I was busy, but because I KNEW what the scale would say, and that is the first time since joining last year that I have ever let myself do that. I am back on track and focused and I am hoping for a big number Saturday morning.

For now, I am going to appreciate the noticeable changes I’ve seen in my legs. Now I can truly say I have muscular legs, not just muscular legs (under fat). I’m proud of myself.



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