I know I’m a person who sometimes overshares, but this is something extremely important to me that some people may understand. In college, I was uncomfortable in a theater setting because of my size. In college, I did one show, but the theater environment wasn’t really a very welcoming one anyway.

A few months after college, I got on stage at the American Idol experience in Walt Disney World where they had a professional photographer. Those photos are and forever will be my official “before” pictures because I cried at the gym to my then trainer and now good friend, Peggy. It changed my life that second and things haven’t been the same since.

Today videos and pictures were taken at my rehearsal and I made a very similar gesture to the one that I was making in that before picture and for the first time I could TRULY see the difference. Not only that, but I feel at HOME on stage again. I notice things here and there but these hit me hard. I am really doing what I never thought I could.

I’m on stage again doing what I LOVE more than anything in the world. Thinking about how if I had the chance, right now, I would do this for a living. Realistically, it’s not an option, but it’s my dream job.

I’m proof anything is possible.

I’m not going to give up.



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