My weekend update.

This weekend was a really good one for me. As far as I am concerned, I stayed the same this week, even thought the scale says I went up a little. Regardless of that, I woke up and my stomach hadn’t looked that flat in a ridiculously long time and I felt absolutely incredible. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that this week I was prepared, I had an amazingly positive attitude all week, and I also ate gluten free all week.

Eating foods with wheat and gluten tends to effect me more than I even realize. I have done a lot of reading lately about PCOS and it seems that gluten and PCOS together cause negative feelings, bloating, stomach issues, mood swings, and a whole handful of other things that come with having food intolerances. I have been experiencing every last one of the things I read about since I started introducing gluten back into my diet so I am right back to gluten free.

It really is incredible what it did for me though and now I know what I need to do from now on.

After the weigh in, I went to my trainer/friend’s house so we could do a workout together. We ended up being a HOT HOT mess. First the treadmill crapped out on me (or I broke it), then I went to do crunches on the yoga ball and it slid out from under me so I ended up flat on my back on the cement floor! It was hilarious and it was also a fun workout with her. It was leg day so it definitely was not an easy workout at all, but I want to make that happen much more often. I like working out with people, it makes it go by faster. Especially Peg, she is always a good source of motivation for me.Image

Also while I was there, we took measurements. Since September 2012, I have lost 10 inches in my waist alone!! If that is not progress and motivation for me I don’t know what is!

I had save a bunch of money last week from my paycheck and my tax return and had some extra for the week so i decided to go do some shopping for myself since I hadn’t taken the time to just wander around a store in a while. I ended up at an Old Navy. Every time I go, I stare at the jeans and wonder if I should go with my typical size jeans or try on the smaller. Every single time I try on the smaller size, they don’t fit. Usually the waist is too tight, the thighs don’t fit me, they’re too long, they don’t zip….something is wrong with them. But Saturday, I was feeling very ambitious. I grabbed a bunch of jeans all in the smaller size. I even grabbed a dress in the smaller size because hey, WHY NOT! A sweater? Sure, go for it. I tried them all on, and every single item fit me like it was custom made for it.


I was in shock. Maybe it is the new workout program combined with how I have been eating combined with eating gluten free…I don’t know. But I can finally wear Old Navy jeans in a size down from what I was wearing. Might I add that some brands I CAN fit into that size, but never in Old Navy until now.


Last night I didn’t feel my best so I stayed in my house and just relaxed. Today I cleaned my room and did all kinds of boring things that I don’t need to bore anyone with right now because it doesn’t matter. I’m just hoping it seriously snows tonight because I really would like a day off tomorrow. For some reason weekdays off are so much more enjoyable than weekends, am I right or am I right?

Anyway. I’m going to take the rest of the night to relax some more, prep my lunch for tomorrow, watch my shoes, and just hang out. Everyone wear your pjs inside out for me so I get my day off tomorrow!


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