This is how I feel sometimes.

You wake up in the morning and get on the scale. You’re not quite happy with the number, so you move it to a different place in the bathroom. That number is a little better but not the best so you move it again. Then the last time you move it it says you gained 25 pounds so you say “Eh, forget it……may as well l go get some pizza.”

Have you had these moments? Where you’re so stuck on what the scale says that you think it just doesn’t matter anymore? I don’t want the scale to matter anymore. Yes…of course I still go every week to WW to get weighed in because I am paying for it and I feel like I need to when I go to the meetings but if it was up to me I would continue to do what I am doing without getting weighed at all.

I’m more excited when smaller shirts fit, and when clothes that never looked good on me before finally look good, and when my stomach looks more flat. Measuring tape getting shorter is much more motivating to me than numbers on scales. I don’t want to workout for the number on the scale anymore or ever, I want to work out because I feel like working out.

I hate the scales. Scales don’t have the ability to measure how strong I’m getting, how much longer I am able to run on a treadmill,  or how I dropped a pant size. The scale doesn’t measure how much muscle I am compared to how much fat I am….and I’m all about building muscle and losing inches at this point.

This picture is saying stop obsessing over what the number says on the scale, because unless you just go to the gym or workout and do something about it that number is not going to change, not matte how much you wish it would.  Standing on that scale is not doing to be the answer to your problems. It’s not going to tell you the true changes that are being made in your body.

I’ve been proud of myself with the changes I’ve been seeing and how consistent I’ve been with everything and I am getting results. Today I wore my jeans that are a size smaller and a tshirt with a sweater and looked smaller than I have in a long time. Feelings little bits of confidence again is a nice feeling.

Forget the scale, get away from it, and just go to the gym for you. Not for the number.
Do that much for yourself.


This is how I feel sometimes.

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