21 Day Fit Progress Photo.

When it comes to my progress photos, I make them very honest. My approach when it comes to weight loss is unbelievably honest. The only person I am cheating is myself if I lie, right? So once I hit my goal, these progress photos won’t be as impressive if i’m sucking it in in all the pictures. So here I am as raw as it comes. I use the typical “Jersey” stance with the hand on the hip for reasons of arm comparisons though.

The first picture is day 1 of the 21 day fix, and this picture was today, day 9. The main differences I notice are in my arms and legs, you can see they thinned out a bit. When I flex my bicep is much more defined. My waist has more of a shape to it, the line is more curvy but I look like I thinned out a bit. My stomach also looked like it flattened out the littlest bit, but enough to be noticeable.

Those little bits of changes will add up each week, so hopefully by next week I will notice even bigger changes. I will keep the clothing consistent each week as well.

Thanks to everyone who follows along with my story! It means the world!


21 Day Fit Progress Photo.

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