Put on your make up, your skinny jeans, and GO OUT!

Some days I just really do not feel like going out, getting up, or even moving from my bed. I think we all have those days, am I right? But sometimes, we cannot let that feeling defeat us. That kind of goes for anything. Getting up and going to work, preparing for the week, working out, sticking to something, anything!

Yesterday, I had such an awful migraine. I slept basically all day, took my medicine, and tried to get myself back together. My brother was in senior fashion show and I did not want to miss it but all I wanted to do was stay in my bed and wallow in self pity and cry about how much pain I was in. 

Instead, I did my hair, my makeup, put on some heels and a nice outfit and I went and watched my brother work the runway at a high school fashion show. While I did still have my migraine, I felt like I could have joined him in the show because I just felt amazing. Everything was right on the money and I thought I just looked good! That is a great feeling. It makes it worth getting up and getting out of bed for.



I probably would have made an exception for myself yesterday if I wasn’t starting to feel a little bit better and let myself stay home considering the migraine, but otherwise I think it is important not to let those kind of moods drag us down and overwhelm us. There are some days that we definitely should let ourselves have a break- get some take out, mix yourself a drink, and have a Netflix marathon of whatever show you like best. 

When it comes to going out, I feel a little uncomfortable sometimes. I have to remind myself that going out is supposed to be fun and there is no reason for me to get anxious or feel nervous. Getting up and going out is the best way to pull yourself out of any sort of slump. It gives you a reason to put on an outfit you feel amazing in and look your absolute best and just have a nice time. It’s amazing what a great outfit and a little make up can do when you’re in a bad mood.

Whenever you get that HORRIBLE feeling of not being able to pull yourself together to go anywhere, just remember to put on your make up, you skinny jeans, and go out!!


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