Broccoli Slaw and Why I’m Currently Obsessed.

One of my main focuses for the month was to get in much more fruits and vegetables than I have been. To do that, I have been bringing veggies on the side of whatever I bring for lunch, making sure I have a fruit at lunch as well, a fruit for a snack, or mixing a fruit into yogurt or cottage cheese.

I have had quite a few goals for the month, but this is the one I have been able to focus on the most. With the show I did and getting sick (stupid allergies and asthma…) I have been a little nervous about working out, but I am making sure I am okay with food and prepared for that at least. That being said, I had a few days of too much fun with eating out with my cast mates last week. I enjoyed myself and I made sure I had some but not all of what I was eating, so I felt good about my choices. Sometimes you need to indulge a little bit for the sake of your sanity!

Lately, I’ve been living off of broccoli slaw. I like it better than lettuce because it doesn’t give me heartburn, and I can also measure out and put on the dressing without the slaw getting soggy at all throughout the day! I mix it with canned tuna, chicken, lots of veggies, craisins…it makes the perfect base for any salad. I’ve also been trying to eat as gluten free as I possibly can to avoid being bloated or feeling sick from what I am eating. I feel so much better already since I’ve been more strict about cutting out wheat. Image

For lunch today, I mixed broccoli slaw with two pieces of chicken apple sausage and organic balsamic vinaigrette. This may be a new go-to staple in my diet because it was extremely light, delicious, and it filled me up enough hold me over until dinner.Image

For dinner tonight, I made a taco salad with broccoli slaw, ground turkey, one taco shell, some cheese, salsa, and fat free greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Very good. Broccoli slaw didn’t get soggy like lettuce does sometimes when I make taco salads. Super good.Image

Lunch for tomorrow was packed tonight while I was watching Dance Moms. I used the broccoli slaw as a salad base, I cut up a Weight Watchers colby jack cheese stick, and I mixed in 3 gluten free chicken tenders with my favorite Ken’s honey mustard dressing. I kind of tried to make a play off of my favorite salad from Friendly’s, the crispy chicken salad. If I was more patient, I would have also made a hard boiled egg to throw into it and also added some tortilla strips but I didn’t think of it until after and I’m super lazy right now. 😛 ImageThis is just a simple side salad dressed with balsamic and a chicken salad sandwich. My mom makes the chicken salad with light miracle whip, craisins, celery, and canned chicken on a light english muffin. It’s before I decided to go completely gluten free. ImageLast, I made chicken salad again but this time just with the canned chicken, light miracle whip, and the broccoli slaw with a mini caprese salad on the side. Simple and filling. Super yummy!

I also wanted to share my official 21 day fix before and after photo! I’m really proud if all I was able to achieve in 30 short days! My next challenge begins in a week, and I will be doing the Les Mills Pump video. So excited to see how much more progress I can make!Image


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