Here’s The Thing: You DO Deserve Everything

Thought Catalog

When you’re little, your parents tell you that you are special. You’re the prettiest, smartest, funniest, cleverest person in the world. This is okay, because this is what parents do when they love their children. When you grow up, you soon realize that while you may have been your parents’ special little snowflake, now you’re just, to quote my dear friend Barbra, “a freckle on the nose of life’s complexion.” You are not the prettiest, or the smartest, or the most hilarious — to veritably the whole world, you’re just another spoiled millennial who thinks they deserve everything and should work for nothing. A perfect job, a perfect relationship, the perfect apartment, just ‘cause. Who do we think we are?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Are you listening? Okay. Here it goes.

I do deserve everything.

I deserve a perfect job. That guy that relentlessly…

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