Late Watcher Wednesday.

I need to do a better job when it comes to keeping up with my posts on here. I have been so incredibly busy and it’s no excuse. Posting on here is something I enjoy and use as an outlet and I always forget about it, so it’s something I will keep trying to remind myself about.

Right now, I am currently assistant stage managing a show called “Great American Trailer Park Musical”. The plus side to this is I am very active, I am always walking, lifting, moving, and running around. I feel good moving around so much and being this busy. the downside is how late I am getting home at night. I’m getting no sleep and it’s extremely frustrating.

Regardless of that, the people in the cast are extremely loving and welcoming. That is one thing I always look forward to when I start working with a new cast- theater people are the best kind of people. I am appreciative. On top if that, I get to experience a whole new side of theater since I have never stage managed anything!

Being so busy, I haven’t had time to workout like I was able to last week. With that in mind, I have had to make sure that I pack my lunches, go to work prepared, and make sure I am writing down all my food. I had one night that I grabbed dinner with a friend, and one night I got a Wawa hoagie. But I chose the 4 inch hoagie and with a small bag of chips and when I went to dinner I got a salad. I did try to stress drink a milkshake but I took two sips and trashed it. It was a great decision.

I bought a new set of glass containers that have the measurements right on them so I have been using those to pack my lunches. This week, some of my lunch staples have been bean and mixed veggie salad with Walden Farms Italian dressing, chicken and a wild rice medley with BBQ sauce, cottage cheese, yogurt, fruit and baked lays. Every lunch I’ve packed this week has had some variation of 3 of these items.

I also have discovered putting peeled/sliced ginger and frozen mangos in my water and I’ve never felt so good. No
stomach aches, no bloating, I’m super hydrated. I highly recommend it for everyone who needs a good system flush. I feel completely different than I did last week. I let it sit overnight and drink it all day at work and it’s delicious!

I attached some pictures of the water and also what I ate for lunch and dinner today! šŸ™‚ I hope everyone is doing well! Please feel free to share this and I hope it helps someone out there.






2 thoughts on “Late Watcher Wednesday.

  1. It’s so easy to let our busy lives interfere with our routine and our routine is so important. I feel sometimes it’s a chicken and egg situation, which should come first. Dilemmas of modern life, I wish time was not against me I’d be so slim and healthy and perfectly turned out.

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