Sunday inspiration


I’ve spent this weekend being a bit too serious. A lot had happened and I’m just generally overwhelmed with how busy I have been so I haven’t been able to process anything the right way. That has caused me to be extra withdrawn this weekend. Today, I was lucky enough to get home earlenough to take a nice nap and prep my food for the week. My general goal lately has been to minimize stress in anyway possible. I need to stop and remember sometimes to laugh about things and stop worrying, because if I don’t, I won’t make it out alive.


I am always focused on the ending goal of where I would like to be in comparison to where I am now. I have promised myself for a while that instead of knowing how much I weigh, I am going to not weigh myself OR look at the scale and just have my WW leader tell me what I lost (I won’t say “or gained” because that’s not happening.) I think it will help me focus on the journey instead of numbers and the goal. I will focus on the present.


As I mentioned, I had a bizarre weekend. It is all over now, so I am going to wake up tomorrow and take on the week the best I can- start with a clean slate.


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