The College Prepster had a guest post on her blog and also wrote a blog herself on self love and loving/appreciating your body. (found below)


I FEEL that.

but I have to say, as much time as I spend feeling bad about myself and worrying about what other people think of me, I have also (slowly) been finding myself much more comfortable in my own skin.

Going through my weight loss journey, you have ups and downs. You try different things to make sure you’re going in the right direction, and sometimes they don’t work.

Not only that, but everyone had some sort of input on it and something to say. You need to do cardio, weight training, count calories, no carb, low carb, high fat, juice cleanse…. and everything else you can think of.

I have learned that in order to truly take care of yourself, you need to step away from what everyone says you SHOULD do and focus on what is right for you personally. It’s been a year and a half I have been working at this, and I think now is the first time I am understanding what it is really about. It is not about getting into a size 2, having and, or even wearing a bikini. It is about feeling the best you can physically, mentally, and also emotionally.

There is so much to all of this that goes much deeper than just working out and eating right. There’s a mental aspect that can keep you from losing weight when you’re so used to being how you are. What if you look weird when you lose weight? what if you lose it and gain it back? what if I fail all together? It takes it’s toll after a while and sometimes the process gets overwhelming.

I think now though, Carly had it right. You need to love yourself, and your body is part of who you are. I’ve learned that the hard way as well. I have spent hours changing outfits (how do you think my room gets so messy?), looking at my flaws in the mirror, covering up, and hiding behind my insecurities. I try not to do that anymore. I have already taken the scale out of the equation- while I do still go to WW, I only have them tell me what I lose. I do not know what I weigh. My body does let me do so much more than I ever give it credit
for. I can handle some workouts others cannot. I have much better endurance than I have in years. I can lift as much as any guy in the gym. I’m a strong person.

so instead of looking in the mirror and worrying if my arms look fat in a sleeveless top, I’m going to focus on how much smaller they have gotten. instead of getting nervous on stage because I’m worried I look fat, I’m going to remember that performing is my happy place and no one is looking for my flaws, just listening to me sing. instead of nitpicking, I’m doing to focus on the good things.


thank you for the inspiration, Carly.


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