Week 1 with Jenny

This week has been a mix of things. I feel surprisingly great for my first week with Jenny! I made a list of the foods that I liked most and the foods I will not be getting again this week, but it was good to get an idea for what was better. Tomorrow when I get weighed in, I will still not be looking at the scale, but I am just going to have them tell me what I lose (or gain….not that I am anticipating a gain.)

We had a teacher appreciation day at work, so I had some Tostitos and taco dip, but I only had 2 tablespoons and a few chips with it. I also was hungry a LOT more than I am used to so I grabbed a bag of baked Lays twice this week, and Friday I had a salad from Saladworks which was planned into my week. I also skipped breakfast a few times just because I didn’t have much time (sleep trumps food). Other than that, I stuck to the Jenny meals and I feel good. Regardless of what happens on the scale to me, I don’t care about the number. This week I felt great compared to how I have felt in a while. I had control over what I was putting in my mouth and how much too.


Sunshine sandwich with cherries and a slice of reduced fat cheese.


Rising Crust pizza with light ranch, cherries, and some non-Jenny snacks because I was starved.


Cranberry almond barscotti crumbled up with 80 calorie Greek yogurt.


Beef chili with corn I added, fat free plain greek yogurt to replace sour cream, and taco chips.

This week I also felt a lot better about myself when it came to how I looked and felt this week. I wore a few outfits I wouldn’t have worn otherwise, I had some headshots taken for my audition, I just felt good. It was a nice change. I need to start being much more confident in myself, especially since I have so many things coming up that require me to show off who I really am and what I have to offer the world. I am starting to see that little spark in myself shine through.

Here’s to week one and a new-found confidence.

tumblr_n6aceeDvra1rg0a7oo1_500 tumblr_n6ejsggTwk1rg0a7oo1_500


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