I’m sad.

I didn’t get hired for the show I auditioned for. But that doesn’t change the fact that I WILL keep trying.

It is one of many and if I give up now I won’t prove anything to anyone …especially myself.

I will work hard. When it comes to losing weight, when it come to theater, when it comes to my job- as much as it doesn’t seem like it now, I will amount to SOMETHING.

I haven’t quite found my callings in life. I love theater, I love working with children with disabilities, and I love helping people- making a difference in lives. If there was a way to do all of these things at once I would be set.

So right now may seem impossible, but I am supposed to do big things. The question is how am I going to do them?

I guess I just have to keep putting myself out there and find out, right?


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