Weekend Warriors

This weekend was filled with so many happy things I can hardly contain myself.

That being said, I will start with my weight loss success since I lost a pound this week! One pound is better than no pounds so I am taking it for what it is.

My boyfriend flew in for the weekend and my cousin Danielle and her husband are also here visiting for the weekend since today was my brother’s graduation party. It was a weekend that was much needed and I have been looking forward to it for a while. We went out with my other cousin and his girlfriend last night for dinner and we drink and abundant amount, and we did it all over again today.

I was surrounded my good friends, family, and lots of food and it was a wonderful weekend. I know I’m going to spend the rest of the week working off everything I ate this weekend but it was worth it. Everything was so good.  I love having times like this because I love being surrounded by such good company.Image

Me and the graduate! My dress was one I have been looking for for MONTHS. All I wanted was a black maxi dress and I finally found one at WAL MART of all places! It was $18, and it was the best $18 I’ve spent on anything. Find it here.Image

All of the SJU people in my family!


Me and Park!




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