San Fran!

A few days ago I got back from my vacation. Since we got back, I have been a little off since I have been so tired and not quite feeling well due to a lack of sleep, but I am slowly getting back to being myself.

With that being said, over vacation I didn’t follow Jenny Craig, but I did eat the best that I could (with a few treats here and there). The two weeks before vacation I didn’t go either so I anticipated a large gain for the last month but when I weighed in today, I had only gained 2 pounds! I didn’t want to say no to myself if I really wanted something but I tried only eating half of my meal and sharing with the rest of my family. Some nights, I just ordered clam chowder because it was so incredible out there everywhere we went.








I normally don’t like gaining at all but under these circumstances I was glad that was all that I had gained for the last few weeks including on vacation. With that being said, I had some really amazing food so there are no regrets here.

While we were there, we got to do some amazing things. We had a picnic in Napa Valley and did some wine tastings. We were in San Francisco, Sausalito, Monterey, Carmel, and Yosemite. I have discovered a new love for being outdoors and climbing things. That was a highlight for me. Climbing down into the water at the bottom on a waterfall, the rivers, I just really enjoyed all the water. I also got my first hot stone massage and my first facial, which I really enjoyed.

Now that I am back home and back into a schedule, I am planning on focusing mainly on hitting my goal. I still haven’t been making too much progress and it’s time for that to end. My mom and I have both decided to step it up, and I couldn’t be happier to have a partner in it. I’ve done enough messing around, on and off, that I just need to recommit myself and DO it. I’m sick of saying I’m doing well knowing that I could be doing so much better so that ends now.

SO my vacation was wonderful, I will post some pictures next, and I am ready to move on!


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