Long Time, No Talk.

Things have been insane around these parts!

I finished up my summer work with the theater camp, I was recently in a play, and work has been CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY! The end of the summer went well and I was so ready to get back into the swing of things working with the kids and being in school on a normal schedule. What I had expected for the year and how the year is starting off are two totally opposite, thought. I am loving working with my little kindergarten kiddos, and I love the people I work with… but there’s no room during the day to take any sort of break to just regroup for a hot minute. Maybe once things settle down I could try to work it into my schedule. Otherwise, I am enjoying the extra half hour a day of pay. 🙂

I just finished up my second weekend of our theater company’s Scenes and Songs. I did it last year as well, and this year was just as fun. I’m so lucky to have been able to be a part of it. Here is a little peek at the costumes I got to wear. It was a variety show/cabaret type of show so I the costumes were all different!

IMG_8046 IMG_8050

While I was away I not only went to see a nutritionist, but I have also been working out with a trainer and I’ve lost another 10(ish) pounds. I have been working really hard and I can see the results I have finally been wanting. I plan to keep this up until I reach my goal!

I am going to try to keep up with this much more than I have been recently- so here’s to more updates and posts on this end!


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