Seven ways to a more efficient pantry

For Eat's Sake


This could be your pantry.

1.)Buy whole nuts, not nut flours.

This serves two purposes: whole nuts are more versatile, and whole nuts will spoil less quickly. Buying whole, raw nuts means they can be used in any application, as opposed to purchasing nut flour, which has already been processed several times and more likely to go bad. Grind up your own nut flours as needed, and your body (and taste buds) will thank you!

2.) Have a few recipes in mind when buying less commonly used ingredients.

Some ingredients tend to come in certain sized packages, which may or may not be what the recipe calls for. If that batch of cookies only requires a half cup of pumpkin, maybe look for a soup recipe that can utilize the other half. Having the recipe ready to go will make it more likely that the can of pumpkin, or…

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