Just your typical Jersey Housewife.

I have been experimenting a lot more with cooking, recipes, and just general nonsense in the kitchen lately. I have my schedule straightened out again and I am moving forward, which is a positive step and all I can do!

For now, I am getting used to the idea that I DID GET INTO GRAD SCHOOL!

Let’s rewind. Okay, yes, I am excited. SO excited. But also very nervous about starting this whole new adventure. My undergraduate years were very hard for me, but I think with these courses I will be able to manage much more easily taking 1 at a time as opposed to 5, which is extremely comforting. The scary part to me is more of the fact that the pace of the class will move so quickly (7 weeks).

Whatever I have to do to get this degree I will do, because I am determined to prove myself wrong more than anyone else.

I spent so much time telling myself I can’t do this and I can’t do that, but I need to show myself that I CAN do these things regardless of how much I put myself down. The only person who doesn’t have faith in my abilities is ME, while I have the support of everyone around me who does believe in me.

While I have the free time left, I have been finishing watching Dexter (for the 47th time) and also cooking and trying out new recipes as I mentioned.

I will post them in posts to follow!


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