I lost 4 pounds this week, for a total of 7 pounds during the 2 weeks of Simple Start.

I made the decision that from here I am going to move onto simple filling. I am going to eat from the list just like I did following simple start, but if my family goes out to dinner or we have an event to go to, I will have the option to use some of the 49 points as a safety net. Also, I could still occasionally enjoy some of the treats I like to have during the week without using up all 49. It seems like the perfect solution for me.

I used the 7 points a day with simple start, but it didn’t leave much room for anything else. Sometimes you want to have your all power foods meal, but also fries on the side, or a big salad and that slice of pizza that has been haunting you. Simply filling introduces you into a more realistic way of living where you still stick you all your powerfoods for 80% of the time, but then you can have your 49 points a week to use on things as you’d like the rest of the time.

With simple start, I tried to avoid going out to eat for the 2 weeks, and I don’t think that is a realistic way to live, but I can at least have the option to following simply filling, which I like 🙂

I am happy with the progress I have made these past two weeks, and I think along with the way I have been eating and working out, my attitude towards it all has also made a huge difference.

Here is to the power of positive thinking.


I lost 4 pounds this week, for a total of 7 pounds during the 2 weeks of Simple Start.

11 thoughts on “I lost 4 pounds this week, for a total of 7 pounds during the 2 weeks of Simple Start.

    • i really liked it! i was eating double veggie burgers and baked fries, and english muffin pizzas. you can do so many things with the foods on the list. i highly recommend. let me know if you try it and how you like it! if you do, get the handbook from the meetings. very helpful, i never left the house without it.

    • simple start is as easy as it sounds! they give you a list of foods, and you eat all your meals from that list. you get 7 points a day for an indulgence, but indulgences literally count as ANYTHING that is not on the list. coffee creamer, butter, peanut butter….so you really have to be strict with the list. i didn’t do any tracking at all except for the 7 points a day outside of the list. the only thing i did different was i used low fat items instead of fat free because i don’t low how processed the fat free items are, and i just measured them out so i used less. it worked just as well! 🙂 you really have to be strict about the 7 points a day though, it’s not the same as the simply filling where you have 49 points a week to use as you’d like, it’s more structured. i hate tracking and that is why i found this a much better option for me.

  1. Great job! I think it’s wise to expand your food options. It’s the best way to learn new habits and break old ones. Plus if you cook it allows for creativity. Just remember one bad meal doesn’t mess up your week. Just get back on track the next meal. You’ll do great!

    • absolutely. i think not going out to dinner this past two weeks definitely helped me with the weight loss, but the option would be nice so this is going to be good. i love to cook. i think not eating the same thing over and over helps with my weight loss as well. my body never knows what it’s going to get! 🙂

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